Personal Tax Return Preparation


What would you rather do the first weekend in April? Enjoy the early days of spring watching your kid’s soccer game or be stuck at your computer struggling through your taxes?

It’s a simple choice with many benefits. Whether you are a busy family looking to save time, a recent retiree with changing complexities in your tax and income, or you have a new or unique life situation, you will appreciate the flexibility, affordability, and accuracy of Belt Accounting & Tax. We’ll help you avoid common tax return pitfalls such as:

  • Missing out on important tax breaks
  • Not filing on time
  • Inaccurate bank account numbers
  • Filing the wrong tax forms
  • Filing under the wrong status


Tax Planning

We balance new technology and thorough understanding of the latest tax law with the deep experience to ensure you have a strong strategy. From helping you craft an investment-friendly plan to giving you suggestions on tracking deductions and charitable contributions, we are your personal accounting partner.

State & Federal Income Tax Returns

Accurate and timely, our simple tax return process starts with an easy step-by-step worksheet that gives us all the information we need to help you take advantage of every deduction possible. We schedule a personal meeting with your accountant and then electronically prepare your returns including:

  • Federal – Form 1040 and supporting forms and schedules
  • Wisconsin – Form 1 and supporting forms and schedules
  • Other tax returns as applicable


Strategic Income & Tax Planning for Retirees

You’ve saved for years and the time is finally here to retire. Our team of tax professionals can work with your financial advisor to help you understand how drawing off your Social Security and retirement funds might affect your tax situation, ensuring you make the most of those distributions as you enjoy your newfound free time! We will help you:

  • Maximize your ability to earn continued income without jeopardizing your Social Security
  • Minimize debt in your later years, while still having the cash you need to enjoy life
  • Leverage the assets you have, to creatively and appropriately fund special needs – be it healthcare, travel, or projects around the home